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About Sayith Sexy

Personally I believe everyone is sexy, I believe everyone can feel sexy. It's not something someone gives you, it's a gift you give yourself. Now sometimes it gets lost.  In the everyday hustle and bustle of life, sometimes in having children, medical issues, unhealthy relationships, an outfit, the media or just a bad day. But even in all of that,  I believe your sexy is still there, a little in all of us.
As you go through life, your sexy changes. Because Well, life changes. And your sexy at 22 is not the same sexy as 42. (Trust me, it gets better with time)
For me Sexy isn't about sex. Sexy is about embracing yourself, feeling good in your skin and owning that bitch. 
Sayith Sexy is a lingerie line for every part of life. We embrace the sexy at all stages, for both sexes. Because yes, men are sexy too.
I encourage you all to celebrate the sexy in yourself and someone else. 

This is a line curated in love, lust, and sprinkled with some fuckery. 

Find your sexy, and own that bitch. 
We are here for it
Karyn Elle,
Visionary, Creator, CEO and Key Holder of Big Dick Energy